Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Program a BENINCA TOGO WV4 remote to your Gate or Garage Door Opener

USING AN EXISTING REMOTETake a previously coded remote & be within 3 meters of the device to be activated.

ALREADY CODED OLD STYLE REMOTE - With a dress maker’s pin or a small paperclip insert into the small hole in the rear of the remote & activate the hidden button for 1 second.

Or,ALREADY CODED TOGO WV4 REMOTE - Remove the battery cover to expose hidden button & activate the hidden button for 1 second.

NEW TOGO WV4 REMOTE - press & hold the button you want to activate the device for 2 seconds.  Allow 10 seconds for reset & test.

WARNING - If more than 1 device is to be coded & they are within range of each other (40m) then turn the garage receiver off while coding the gate (so you do not to code both to the same button) then reverse the operation by turning off the gate & coding the garage door receiver..When LED flashes on transmission – battery is low & requires replacing

VIA THE CONTROL BOX Loosen the retaining screws on each side of the motor housing and lift to remove & set aside

Locate the black plastic box inside the motor assembly and remove it’s cover by releasing the tab at the top end and swinging down before moving it out and away from the assembly &  set aside.

There are 3 push buttons next to the LCD display marked “-“, “prog” and “+” on the circuit board.

1. Press “prog” button once. Display will show “Log”.
2. Press “-“ button twice. Display will how “Rad”.
3. Press “prog” button once again. Display will show “pp”.
4. Press “prog” button once again. Display will show “Push”.
5. Press the required button on the new remote control. 

Display will briefly show “ok” andthen return to “pp”. Subsequent new remotes can then be added by returning to step 4.

Test all remotes are working as they should. Reassemble the covers to their correct positions and re-tighten the retaining screws on the outer cover.

For BENINCA remotes go to:- http://www.retro-remotes.com/beninca-remotes

CODING VIDEOS - https://youtu.be/DZpbdOr_YOshttps://youtu.be/wSWai6uXErE


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