Friday, 1 May 2015

NEW RELEASE - Merlin+ 2.0 E960M Premium Remote


Newly released (1st May 2015) this elegant remote features model morphing from Merlin+ 2.0 to Merlin+ with the ability to run both systems at the same time on the same remote.

Note: Merlin+ is a 433.92Mhz rolling code system which uses a different code each time a button is pressed & discards the code after use. Merlin+ 2.0 takes this a step further by transmitting the code on 3 frequencies 433.30 - 433.92 - 434.54Mhz.  The receiver must receive 2 codes to operate.

The design of this remote is well thought out & the finish is high quality.  It feels just right in the hand because they have got the proportions right.

Before coding you need to decide what buttons will be selected for + & + 2.0. The Merlin+ 2.0 is preset to the +20 system so to change it hold button 1 & 2 together wait until LED flashes.  then in turn press the buttons you want to be + & wait for reset.  Now you can code the remote buttons to the openers.

Coding of the remote to the opener is the same go to:-

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